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Car Intelligent Network
Car Intelligent Network

Car electronic technology has developed to a new stage of controlling system integration, information sharing and function intelligence. With the increase of car electronic devices, problems such as increasing wires and components, difficulties in wire arrangement as well as raising failure rate will all be aroused. To deliver information by adopting method similar to computer inner BUS among every electronically control unit inside car, achieves the purpose of sharing information, reducing wire and cost as well as raising overall reliability.  

“ Car Intelligent Network System based on CAN/LIN” Development Platform

Products include intelligent network structure, power BUS, comfortable BUS, information BUS, LIN BUS, diagnosis BUS, car body control module, gateway software architecture, etc. These products are in line with the trend of market and of high technological content. This structure is independent research and development with international standard, developing intelligent network gateway/vehicle controller, reducing the complexity of domestic car design and manufacture to realize the industrialization application of independent car intelligent network system.

Car Network Test Lab

1. Allocated with systematic design and analysis tools of VECTOR based on OSEK/VDX standard. CANoe is idea in CAN simulation, development and test capability which improves developing efficiency and ensures development quality. 

2. PREEvision, development tool from Aquintos, a kind of CAD software tool based on model, efficiently supports development, test and validation of every single segment for development of car body network system.

SAMWELL CAN BUS Car Information Entertainment system.  

Main functions include:

1. CAN BUS communication is of strong anti-interference ability and reliability. Dimming LCD and press-button light, adjusting volume by receiving GALA signal and overall machine diagnosis can be done by CAN.

2. High-end radio system, adopting Philips high performance radio IC, realizes better anti-interference ability.

3. DSP digital audio frequency processing system. Software adjusts all audio frequency parameters, meeting various requirements of acoustic filed of different car inner space.

4. CD/MP3WMA decoding and display control system, supports CDMP3WMA audio frequency source format.

5. 256*64DOTS LCD displays ID3 information include Chinese Characters.

SAMWELL Car Body Control System Based on CAN BUS

Main functions include:

High-speed CAN network, inside and outside light control, wiper control, window control, door locker control, rear window defroster, burglar alarm, trumpet control, RKE remote control and analysis, etc. Technical characteristics: Realizes interaction among high-speed CAN network(500Kbaud) interface and ECM, TCM and combination meter information. Interaction between user and car comes true by remote control.